Moments of Bliss Mindfulness Journal

Are you ready to create moments of bliss even if you're too stressed, tired, or anxious?

A FREE 30-Day Journal to help you cultivate bliss so you can experience the abundance of joy God has for you!

I'd love to receive the Moments of Bliss Journal, please!

Here's what you'll get with the Moments of Bliss 30-Day Mindfulness Journal:

  • 30 days of journal prompts to cultivate a state of bliss
  • An inspiring quote each day to remind you of the beauty all around you
  • An opportunity to notice moments of bliss as they happen
  • An invitation to create moments of bliss every day until it becomes a way of life
  • Permission to experience an abundance of joy at any moment even when you're stressed or tired
  • Create a new mindset about what's possible for you so you can live a beautiful life full of blissful moments
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Hello! I'm Patti Fagan!

I'm a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Christian Life Coach, and Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach.

After 13+ years of coaching women around their money, I see how they struggle with overdelivering and putting everyone else first to the point of fatigue.

That's why I'm on a mission to remind women to give their mental health first priority, so they can live their best life and experience bliss every day.

There was a time when I was overcome with overwhelming stress due to a mountain of credit card debt, which lead to adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue. Today, I live a life I truly love because I cultivate bliss every day. I have peace of mind and enjoy teaching other women how to achieve it, too.

You deserve to enjoy the success and abundance God has for you! This 30-day mindfulness journal will remind you that your happiness matters and you have the power to create bliss every day.


Patti Fagan, Financial Coach

Praise for Patti's Work


 “Patti totally rocked the Zoom room with her training on money and overcoming old thoughts, under-earning, and fear.  I loved it!! And the women in the course were catapulted to think in new ways.  I am honored to work with Patti in a multitude of capacities!!”

Diane Cunningham Ellis, M.Ed.
The Brave Creations Coach

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