Create a Wealthy Money Mindset

Is your money mindset keeping you poor? Are you ready for more cash to flow into your business and your life?

You need this journal so you can change your money mindset and earn the income you deserve!

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Here's what you'll get inside this FREE 7-day money mindset journal: 

  • This Money Mindset journal is designed to help you reshape your beliefs about money and wealth. 
  • Finally know how to think like a six and seven-figure income earner. You're a hard-working lady boss! No need to work day and night, trying to crack the wealth code. Creating an income you deserve begins with your THOUGHTS ABOUT wealth!
  • You'll love my secret-sauce strategy on Page 7!
  • Finally create new beliefs about money and wealth in just a few minutes a day by using the power of journal writing.
Create a Wealthy Money Mindset journal
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Hello! I'm Patti Fagan!

I'm an award-winning Christian Life Coach & Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach.

There was a time when I was clueless about money. I did not understand how to take care of it, and I didn’t know how to keep it. In fact, my finances were a hot mess! I finally got tired of being under constant financial stress (due to six-figure credit card debt), so I decided to invest all my energy into healing my relationship with money.

Today, I'm a debt-free, wealthy money coach. After spending all my time and thousands of dollars investing in rewriting my money story, I enjoy financial peace of mind and teaching other women how to achieve it, too.

Now I want to help you by sharing the elements of my money healing process.

Starting today, YOU can enjoy a wealthy life and healthy money mindset so you can earn the income you really deserve!


Patti Fagan, Financial Coach

Praise for Patti's Work


 “Patti totally rocked the Zoom room with her training on money and overcoming old thoughts, under-earning, and fear.  I loved it!! And the women in the course were catapulted to think in new ways.  I am honored to work with Patti in a multitude of capacities!!”

Diane Cunningham Ellis, M.Ed.
The Brave Creations Coach

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